Joan Coulton receives OAM


Joan Coulter, Toronto Workers Club Bowling Member, receives Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day 2016Congratulations to our Bowling Member, Joan Coulton on receiving the Order of Australia Medal on 26 January 2016 (Australia Day). We are proud of Joan’s achievements and is well deserved.



Saucer-y Goodness

Toronto Workers Club famous flying sauce pizza from Indulge Restaurant and Ben CoatsA diameter of approximately 30inches is what stands between six hungry humans and the conquering of Toronto Workers Club’s Flying Saucer.

Every now and then, the kitchen of Indulge Restaurant converts into the laboratory that builds the one pizza that’s taken over Lake Macquarie. Executor and Creator of saucer-y goodness, Ben Coates, occasionally tells the tale of how this 5kg monstrosity was born. And this is not of one those times.

What I can tell you, is the demand for this bad boy outweighs the chef power it takes to create. With a house-made base and an assortment of Ben’s favourite toppings, each Flying Saucer is built with TWC TLC, but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

To keep the legend of Flying Saucer alive we occasionally release it from the vault for special events and promotions. This time we’re giving five away during the month of March via Facebook.

Here’s how the game will be played…each Tuesday in March at approximately 9am the Club will release a “Social Saucer” image. Entrants will be asked to “Like” the Toronto Workers Club page and then comment on the photo by tagging five friends they’d love to share the prize with if they won. It’s really that simple!

Obviously full terms and conditions apply (see the club for details), but one stipulation is, the pizza must be claimed on the following Saturday after the draw. So if the draw is on Thursday 3 March 2016 then the winner must claim their prize on Saturday 5 March. If the winner can’t make it, they will forfeit the prize and another winner determined. So it’s imperative that entrants who are entering can ensure they are free to take on the “Flying Saucer” if they’re lucky enough to win it!

In just 24 hours, the hype of the “Flying Saucer” has reached over 3,800 people and the competition hasn’t even started. So remember, the competition will be fierce and everyone from Lake Macquarie and further will be wanting in on one of these five freebies!

So if you love a challenge, think this pizza is worth your time and you want to bond with your mates over attempting to conquer it, then please stay tuned and take part!

Over and out!

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager

Australian Hearing at TWC

Bonza BingoSo we “hear” that some bingo players may have trouble “hearing their numbers”…

On Friday 26 February 2016, Australian Hearing will proudly sponsor a full Bingo Session by allowing our members and guests to stay on top of their “game”.

Whether you’re playing a game of bingo or watching you favourite television show, good clear hearing is important. Research shows that hearing loss is a significant issue in the local community with one in six Australians experiencing hearing difficulties. Is this you?

Australian Hearing is raising awareness about hearing one one “Bonza Bingo” session at a time. We will proudly host our first “Bonza Bingo” session on Friday 26 February 2016. Bingo books are available from 11am with eyes down commencing play from 11.30am.

Expert representatives will be available in the club on the day to provide advice on hearing health and free hearing checks to anyone that may be concerned about their hearing loss. The Australian Hearing test takes just 15 minutes and is a quick way to measure the sounds you can and can’t hear.

As an added extra, Australian Hearing has kindly donated some hampers as bonus prizes for full card prize games. Now we’re “listening”.

Old Couple KissMs. Linda Brindle, representative from Australian Hearing says “Hearing loss touches almost every Australian in some way or another. We know that typically people wait for seven to ten years to seek help, which often not only affects the person with hearing loss, but also their family and friends”.

“By working together with Toronto Workers Club to host Bonza Bingo, we hope to show how easy it is to make hearing checks a part of a regular health routine. Good hearing is a key element to staying connected with family and friends, and enjoying every moment and conversation”.

Australian Hearing is the country’s leading hearing specialist, researcher and largest provider of government funded hearing services. We welcome Australian Hearing to Toronto Workers Club and look forward to an ongoing relationship with our members and guests “hearing” the benefits.

You can share the Bonza Bingo Session via the Facebook Invitation Link. Invite your family, friends and share it. You never know, you may just assist in improving someone else’s well-being.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
| Toronto Workers Club Group |