Gifts of Giving … Delivered

Earlier this year we erected our Annual Giving Tree and the local community sure delivered. With the help of the staff and members of Anytime Fitness Toronto and the directors, management, staff, members and patrons of Toronto Workers Club Group we successfully filled an entire car with gifts for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital (you can read about our “Gift of Giving” here).20161221_091859

Mark Singleton with Keira from John Hunter Children’s Hospital and TDWC Staff Members Jenna Dalley & Taylor Barrett

On Wednesday 21 December, Keira from the John Hunter Children’s Hospital met with Toronto Workers Club Group CEO, Mark Singleton who happily handed over an abundance of gifts.

Each year the gifts accumulated under the Toronto District Workers Club Group Giving Tree are delivered to children who will spend Christmas in their hospital bed.

“We are pleased to be able to put a smile on the children’s faces during this hard time. Toronto Workers Club and Toronto Country Club will endeavour to show support for the local community and those who are in need”, Mark Singleton commented.

We would like to thank every single person who gifted presents, including gift vouchers and cash donations on the promise of making a child’s Christmas Day a little more special and enjoyable.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto District Workers Club Group


Santa says Thanks!

Each year the Club dedicates months of preparation and ounces of volunteer dedication to deliver the Members’ Kids Christmas Party.

img_1879The volunteers are comprised of Directors, Management and Staff from Toronto Workers Club Group, the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League Club and the fantastic Firemen from Toronto Fire Station. Each volunteer donates their time to ensure each child and adult has the most memorable and enjoyable experience. This dedication comes with happiness, enthusiasm and patience, even if they’ve worked the night before or will work that evening.

It takes approximately six months to effectively plan the party including the ordering of an obscene number of sausages (thanks Toronto Quality Meats) and onions (yes one of the Club’s Chef’s actually cut up 50kg of onion by hand), picking and packaging fun rides, obstacle img_2030courses and water attractions. But it doesn’t stop there…don’t forget the hand packed lolly bags.

Skip forward a few months and the volunteers, led by the Marketing Manager, Christine Wenta and Duty Manager, Michelle King, are excited for another overwhelming day! Volunteers meet with coffee and gazebos in hand from 7am to set up the entire event. Remember, most of these staff worked the night before, and not all are locals.

img_2001The day’s filled with four non-stop hours of fun in the sun, sausage sangas (with the right amount of sauce and onion), icy cold drinks, snow cones, Santa photos and much much more.

We are happy to report that the day was enjoyed by many and there was no hesitation in spreading the fantastic news…

“Was a great day for it and great value for money…the kids loved it thank you!”, Anthony Cause

“Thank you, it was a great day. The kids had a ball “, Debbie Dye

“Thank you for the hard work my family had a fabulous day out “, Kylie Montgomery

“Awesome day as always”, Nicole Carrall and,

“Thank you my grandson had a great day”, Alison Clapham Roberts. 

Although the weather was questionable upon setup, the day turned out to be one of the biggest, most enjoyable and fun filled in a long time.

img_2017So, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Club Managers, I would like to personally thank the Toronto Workers Club Group team volunteers, team leaders Christine and Michelle and the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League volunteers. The Members’ Kids Christmas Party would not go ahead without this dedication, enthusiasm and of course, a lot of coffee!

Your photo with Santa can be found on the Club Website and Facebook page. Feel free to download them, share them and print them.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus
(on behalf of the Toronto Workers Club Group)