Members Rewards – “The Best”

the-best-jpgSo you join a Club for “x” amount of dollars and they say you get “y” and “z” membership benefits. Well, most Clubs, in fact all Clubs are exactly the same in their membership marketing. So we’ve taken a different road. This is what we’re offering and why we’re “The Best”, if your interested in becoming a member…

  1. crystal-rewards-crystals-vipCrystal Rewards, is our membership loyalty program. It contains five Crystal levels of rewards with VIP Status at the pinnacle of the program. As you climb through our Crystal Reward tiers, your benefits and rewards increase and improve.
  2. Birthday Rewards are always celebrated. At each point in our Crystal Rewards program you will receive redeemable points as a “Happy Birthday” from us. There’s $200 worth of Birthday reward points to spend once you’re a VIP Status member. Even if you visit us on the day of your birthday , you’ll also receive a complimentary drink simply by swiping your card. So what better way then to have “The Best” birthday thanks to Crystal Rewards.
  3. Visitation is rewarded. Each time you visit the Club and swipe your card you will receive visitation points. Compared to some Clubs, our visitation points are up to and in some cases, ten times that of other registered Clubs. Let’s say you’re an Emerald level member and you enter the Club and swipe your card. Just by doing that, we’re going to reward you with 50 points (50 cents); yes, this is up for grabs, each and every day!
  4. img_1369Bpay Service is available for redemption of Bonus Points. Each time you make a spend within the Club and have your membership card swiped you earn Bonus Points (1 point per every $1 spent at a point of sale). To assist in redeeming and spending those points, we now provide a service that you can pay your entire Utility (or some of your Utility Bill). All you have to do is present your bill to reception (conditions do apply) and ask that we use your points to pay it. It’s that simple.
  5. Loyalty Bonuses are issued as you climb through our Crystal Reward tiers. As mentioned above, each time you spend $1 at a point of sale, you will receive 1 bonus point. Once the multiplier comes in to play you could be earning up to 1.75 bonus points per $1 spent at a point of sale. You can also earn bonus points through gaming turnover, further information on that can be obtained directly from the Club.
  6. Annual Gifts. Once you reach our peak VIP Status or our second top level Amethyst, once a year you will receive an Annual Gift. It varies from year to year and is our way of saying thank you to our loyal members.

bodybg.jpgI could sit here all day and tell you why our Crystal Rewards Membership Loyalty program is “The Best”, but it’s best for you to join and find out for yourself. We can equip you with all the information you need to know about how to get the most out of your membership with Toronto Workers Club Group. Including the use of Tennis Courts, Members Appreciation Days where each member gets free $10 to spend, specific Membership promotions and raffles, the ability to host a private function at our very private Golf Club and the list goes on.
Our friendly receptionists are available during trading hours of the Club to assist you and your membership questions in any way possible. So why not take the leap and join us and “The Best” Membership Loyalty Program. Please follow the links to our Crystal Rewards loyalty program and Membership details for further information.


We look forward to seeing you in the Club soon.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group