The Buddy Holly Story


Buddy Holly; born 1936, passed in 1959. Buddy produced distinctive and influential music which still today, travels the music scene.

All Things Entertainment is proud to present The Buddy Holly Tribute Show with the Great Rock’n’Roll Party on Saturday 18 March 2017. All of Buddy’s top hits and many more will be featured in this fantastic tribute show.

“That’ll Be the Day” was written and recorded in 1957 with The Crickets. 60 years later, this track will hit our stage along with “Peggy Sue”, “It Don’t Matter Anymore”, “Rave On”, “Oh Boy”, “Be Bop a Lula”, and many other favourites. This will then lead into The Great Rock’n’Roll Party and is suited for any talented Rock’n’Roll, Swing & Lindy Bop Dancers.

buddyhollyBuddy Holly’s lasting impact on music is still apparent today. This tribute show travels Australia celebrating Buddy Holly’s life and continually brings his music back to life…in front of live audiences.

This is a tribute show, that’s not to be passed up. Early Bird tickets to this show are on sale for $15 until Wednesday March 1. Tickets will increase to $20 from March 2. So get in early and get them discounted.

Tickets can be purchased from Club Reception or by phoning the Ticket Box Office on (02) 49592011 with credit card payment facilities. Show starts at 8pm (with doors open from 7.30pm)

Why not make a night of it? Make a reservation and Indulge at the Workies prior to the show. Phone: 49592011 to make your reservation. We’ve got a Buddy Holly Seafood Trawler Plate special up for grabs on the night for only $15! Includes hot and cold seafood, condiments and fresh garden salad.

We look forward to partying with you from 8pm in the Toronto Workers Club Auditorium, Saturday 18 March 2017.


Footy | Pizza | Beer


The trial games have started, the teams are warming up and we’re chilling the beer. NRL Season is here with the opening game between the Sharks and Broncos. In conjunction with the launch of the season, Foxtel delivered some exciting news with their brand new 24/7 Footy dedicated channel. Which means, every game LIVE will be shown on our Dual 80″ screens in the main lounge.

footy-pizza-beer-2017This year, we’re giving you something a little different to enjoy the footy with. A combination of Footy, Pizza & Beer. You literally don’t have to leave the main lounge to order any of those items, so you’ll never miss a try.

Jugs of Beer and fresh Pizzas will be available for order from the main bar from 4pm until 8pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the NRL Season. If a jug of beer isn’t your thing, both of our Happy Hours (including our new Saturday one), will fall within our Footy Pizza Beer time. So if it’s schooners you prefer, you can get them even cheaper (conditions do apply though).

We’ve uploaded everything you need to know about our Footy, Pizza, Beer campaign on our website and we encourage you to check it out and share it with your mates. It’s a suggestion for members to register their mobile phone number and the acceptance of SMS messages with Reception to receive random Footy Pizza Beer promotions. If you’re not a member, it’s probably a good time to join to reap fantastic benefits (even for our $20K a week draws…that’s a different story). footy-tipping-marketing

If you want to check out the draw, click here. It’s all too easy. And while you’re at it, register for our Footy Tipping competition (registrations close Wednesday 1 March 2017). It’s an easy way to compete with your mates and be in the running to win a pool of cash.

Until kick-off, we wish you and your teams Luck during the entire season.

See you soon,
Toronto Workers Club Group Club Management

Bringing It Back

We’ve located the LED floor and found our combs for our afros. We’re ready to party on Saturday night with the Solid Gold Party and Dave Cochrane. Oh, you don’t know what we’re talking about? Let me catch you up to speed…

retro-revival-2017_ad-1Saturday 18 February will see the retro dance floor come back with all your favourite tracks, cocktails and dinners thanks to the Club’s Retro Revival evening. Even the team is involved with the day providing them an outlet to get inspired. That is, they can come dressed as the best 60’s, 70’s or 80’s dance floor queen (or king) for their own satisfaction.

The Club will open at 9am with the team dressed to impress from the time we open to the time we close. Retro-Tails (which are all your favourite old fashioned cocktails) will be available for purchase from the main bar from 9am.

The Cafe and Indulge then become involved with your old favourite retro treats and dishes (including the good old apricot chicken).

From 8.30pm Dave Cochrane brings the dance party to our LED light up dance f
loor with all your favourite tracks from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There’s even prizes for you to be involved. Prizes for the Best Retro Revival Outfit & Best Retro Dance Moves. Make sure you come prepared because I hear the dance competition will be “hot”!retro-revival-2017_ad-2

Don’t worry, we have’t forgotten about the littlies. The kids can join in from 6pm until 8pm with their very own Free Kids (80’s themed) Disco. This will be featured in the main kids area and hosted by our very own party hosts from Party Star. Even the kids get their own dress-up (80’s style). This gives you permission to get our the hair crimper, thousands of bangles and fluro attire. Oh, and they even eat free in Indulge from 5.30pm.

Retro Revival is here for you, here for the staff and here for Saturday 18 February 2017 only. Don’t miss it. It’s that one time that we will accept your rainbow flares, platform shoes and big hair (no judgement here). Enjoy it!

Toronto Workers Club Group

Valentine’s Visitor: Glinda S. Glider

This year we spent Valentine’s Day with a special little friend, Glinda the Squirrel Glider.

Glinda the Squirrel Glider is the Ambassador for the Awaba Conservation Area and Scribbly Gum Reserve and is currently on a Dessert Trail Adventure.

Glinda the Squirrel Glider visiting the Toronto Workers Club Indulge Cafe for a “little extra love” on Valentine’s Day

I was recently contacted by Glinda to arrange a visit with the Club to try our desserts at the Indulge Cafe. To my surprise Glinda had planned a loving Valentine’s Day visit. This morning she was “in love” with our Rocky Road Slice swirled with Strawberry Syrup and some extra “love” hearts on the side.

Glinda’s Dessert Trail Adventure promotes tourism in the West Lake Macquarie area. While travelling she has one job; to assist the LT Creek Sustainable Neighbourhood Group advocate for the formalisation of the Awaba Conservation Area by developing Scribbly Gum Reserve to conserve the bush land and it’s biodiversity. This includes environmental education, research and a tourist facility at the Scribbly Gum Reserve, promoting a rail train from Awaba train station to Myuna Sport & Rec Centre and a link to the historic Wangi Power Station.

Glinda is a clever little glider and the Club was pleased to be part of such a unique visit. It’s not very often we allow furry little creatures through our door, but when we do, they’re cute and come with a high priority agenda.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glinda the Squirrel Glider, you can catch her on Flickr with her adventure albums, on her Twitter account or by staying in touch with The Scribbly Gum Reserve Group. Alternatively you contact Glinda and send an email to: .

We’re glad to have met Glinda and we look forward to another one of her visit’s shortly. Perhaps with some news of her adventures and progress.

Happy travels, Glinda. We wish you all the best and support your journey.

The Team from Toronto Workers Club Group.

$2,000 to the Leukaemia Foundation

Each year the Club provides support through the Club Grants scheme to charities, support groups, sporting clubs and more.

This financial year The Leukaemia Foundation was one of our Category 1 recipients. Received $2,000 towards their Economic Hardship Program.

This program assists the foundation to care continually care for patients and families who are living with Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma and other blood related disorders.

Donations to the Leukaemia Foundation also assist to fund cutting edge research into finding a cure.

Supporting the Community is a Core Value of the Toronto Workers Club Group and we strive to assist those in need where possible.

Stay tuned for more Club Grants articles to follow.


Who’s Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day…that day where everything turns red and pink, is dominated by love hearts and all that mushy goodness. There’s always different opinions on V-Day…single people hate it, some couples over indulge and then there’s every one else who’s indifferent.

v-day-be-mineThis year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Middle of the week. Not even close enough to the weekend to hold off. Usually the day or two before pay day. So the gifts, if you’re buying, need to be advanced planned, delayed until after pay day or on the cheap so you’re not feeding your date 2-minute noodles.

Although Clubs don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, we decided to make it easier for everyone, if they wish to participate. Our Valentine’s Celebrations started on February 1 and will end on Tuesday 14.

Our deliciously fresh made cocktails will carry you through for two full weeks of celebrations. So bring in as many dates as you like, the v-day cocktails will be available until close of trade on Valentine’s Day.

v-dayHowever, the food is what most of you are after. And with a little advanced planning you can have several V-Day celebrations. Our three course menu specially designed by our Head Chef is available from Friday February 10 until Tuesday February 14 for dinner.

Enjoy Greek Style Lamb Cutlets for your entree, Crispy Skin Pork Belly for your main and a Choc Hazelnut Tart to finish with. If you can’t eat three, that’s OK. Mix and match your courses as you please. If you choose to eat dessert first followed by your entree, then do it. The dinner celebration plan is completely up to you. And our friendly beverage staff will help you match a wine, beer (or soft drink) to your meal. We do recommend you book though, make sure you phone 49592011 to make your reservation (let us know it’s a Valentine’s surprise).

If you’re coming to dine on Tuesday 14, be sure to request the Amethyst Dining area. Roxy will serenade you and your date on our very own piano from 5.30pm. We’ve planned you the perfect atmosphere to meet your budget.

We’ve taken all the thinking out of it for you, all you need to do is find your Valentine’s date…or a variety of dates if that’s what makes you happy.

We want each of our Valentine’s Dates to feel special, loved and experience happiness while in the Club. That’s what we strive on. So…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group