Who’s Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day…that day where everything turns red and pink, is dominated by love hearts and all that mushy goodness. There’s always different opinions on V-Day…single people hate it, some couples over indulge and then there’s every one else who’s indifferent.

v-day-be-mineThis year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Middle of the week. Not even close enough to the weekend to hold off. Usually the day or two before pay day. So the gifts, if you’re buying, need to be advanced planned, delayed until after pay day or on the cheap so you’re not feeding your date 2-minute noodles.

Although Clubs don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, we decided to make it easier for everyone, if they wish to participate. Our Valentine’s Celebrations started on February 1 and will end on Tuesday 14.

Our deliciously fresh made cocktails will carry you through for two full weeks of celebrations. So bring in as many dates as you like, the v-day cocktails will be available until close of trade on Valentine’s Day.

v-dayHowever, the food is what most of you are after. And with a little advanced planning you can have several V-Day celebrations. Our three course menu specially designed by our Head Chef is available from Friday February 10 until Tuesday February 14 for dinner.

Enjoy Greek Style Lamb Cutlets for your entree, Crispy Skin Pork Belly for your main and a Choc Hazelnut Tart to finish with. If you can’t eat three, that’s OK. Mix and match your courses as you please. If you choose to eat dessert first followed by your entree, then do it. The dinner celebration plan is completely up to you. And our friendly beverage staff will help you match a wine, beer (or soft drink) to your meal. We do recommend you book though, make sure you phone 49592011 to make your reservation (let us know it’s a Valentine’s surprise).

If you’re coming to dine on Tuesday 14, be sure to request the Amethyst Dining area. Roxy will serenade you and your date on our very own piano from 5.30pm. We’ve planned you the perfect atmosphere to meet your budget.

We’ve taken all the thinking out of it for you, all you need to do is find your Valentine’s date…or a variety of dates if that’s what makes you happy.

We want each of our Valentine’s Dates to feel special, loved and experience happiness while in the Club. That’s what we strive on. So…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group


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