Bringing It Back

We’ve located the LED floor and found our combs for our afros. We’re ready to party on Saturday night with the Solid Gold Party and Dave Cochrane. Oh, you don’t know what we’re talking about? Let me catch you up to speed…

retro-revival-2017_ad-1Saturday 18 February will see the retro dance floor come back with all your favourite tracks, cocktails and dinners thanks to the Club’s Retro Revival evening. Even the team is involved with the day providing them an outlet to get inspired. That is, they can come dressed as the best 60’s, 70’s or 80’s dance floor queen (or king) for their own satisfaction.

The Club will open at 9am with the team dressed to impress from the time we open to the time we close. Retro-Tails (which are all your favourite old fashioned cocktails) will be available for purchase from the main bar from 9am.

The Cafe and Indulge then become involved with your old favourite retro treats and dishes (including the good old apricot chicken).

From 8.30pm Dave Cochrane brings the dance party to our LED light up dance f
loor with all your favourite tracks from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There’s even prizes for you to be involved. Prizes for the Best Retro Revival Outfit & Best Retro Dance Moves. Make sure you come prepared because I hear the dance competition will be “hot”!retro-revival-2017_ad-2

Don’t worry, we have’t forgotten about the littlies. The kids can join in from 6pm until 8pm with their very own Free Kids (80’s themed) Disco. This will be featured in the main kids area and hosted by our very own party hosts from Party Star. Even the kids get their own dress-up (80’s style). This gives you permission to get our the hair crimper, thousands of bangles and fluro attire. Oh, and they even eat free in Indulge from 5.30pm.

Retro Revival is here for you, here for the staff and here for Saturday 18 February 2017 only. Don’t miss it. It’s that one time that we will accept your rainbow flares, platform shoes and big hair (no judgement here). Enjoy it!

Toronto Workers Club Group


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