This Year’s Gift of Giving


Staff & Volunteers of the John Hunter Children’s Hospital with Jenna Dalley of Toronto Workers Club

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and Club renovations, our Gift of Giving Christmas Tree was again the main feature of Club Reception. Today, several large Christmas gift bags full of goodies were delivered to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.


Each bag contained an assortment of toys, headphones, books, teddy bears and toiletries. Each and every single item was donated by Club Members, Visitors, Staff, Management and Directors.

Jenna Dalley, Clerical Specialist and Christine Wenta, Marketing Manager filled the car, acting on Santa’s behalf to personally deliver the gifts.

A feeling of warmth and love met Jenna and Christine at the entrance to the hospital. Four trolleys, one staff member and three volunteers later, the gifts were inside the Children’s Hospital.

IMG_4979“Just this year, 50,000 children have been admitted into the John Hunter Children’s hospital for a variety of reasons”, explained Kiera Wray, Fundraising Officer (Children, Young People and Families Health Services). “We never have too many gifts to give away. We always like to give gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, to help children smile during recovery or even be able to give the parents some toiletries when unexpected accidents happen. Every donation, toy, toiletry, book, or set of headphones assists in improving a child’s recovery or parents time during a stay”.


While the feeling of warmth and love was present, there was definitely a feeling of comfort knowing the Club and those that participated with the gift of giving, had been able to assist in providing some relief, smiles and happiness. Not just over Christmas, but throughout the year when times can also be tough.


We want to thank every one who took the time to shop, wrap and donate to our “Gift of Giving”. Your ongoing involvement in the Club’s Community Support program will be cherished by those you don’t know and who don’t know you. And that is the absolute meaning of “The Gift of Giving”.

Merry Christmas to you all,
Toronto District Workers Club


Blue & Beanies

MHF FundraiserThis year, Mark Hughes and some fellow mates will be trekking Mt. Everest. Why? To raise funds for the Mark Hughes Foundation to continue their tackle against brain cancer.

Each year, Mark and some well known mates, like Paul “Chief” Harrigan, conquer something amazing to assist in the ongoing fundraising for the foundation. Last year, a team took on the Kokoda Coast to Coast Challenge (Bike – Trek – Bike) from 6 to 16 June. The challenge brought fears, tears, injuries, laughter, smile and accomplishment. It also raised a large sum for the Mark Hughes Foundation. So, this year it’s Everest.

And we’re helping!

We’ve launched our very own “$ for $” Mark Hughes Foundation fundraising campaign, which will donated in support of their Mt. Everest Trek. Don’t get me wrong, funds raised will not cover their costs, flights, or gear, it will be wholeheartedly, 100% donated to MHF.

IMG_4671The Club has set up a donation point in the foyer for all those who wish to donate, any amount. We’ve even got beanies for sale. If you missed out before, you can now purchase one from Reception. Which leads me to the whole point of this blog…’Blue & Beanies’ day.

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August, the Club will be allowing Staff, Management, Directors, Members and Guests to wear their MHF beanies in the Club, they’ll also be dressed in blue, to assist in raising awareness of our campaign and the “brain cancer tackle”.

Every dollar that is dropped into our donation point, every dollar calculated from the sale of beanies, will be totalled for the Club to match. In short, whatever the members, guests and staff have donated and raised, will double when the Club adds in its own donation. 

If you’d like to assist MHF and the Club in tackling brain cancer, you can visit us in Club, head to our website or go direct via the MHF everyday hero page for Mt. Everest.

The Toronto Workers Club $ for $ campaign will end Saturday 7 October 2017.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group


Valentine’s Visitor: Glinda S. Glider

This year we spent Valentine’s Day with a special little friend, Glinda the Squirrel Glider.

Glinda the Squirrel Glider is the Ambassador for the Awaba Conservation Area and Scribbly Gum Reserve and is currently on a Dessert Trail Adventure.

Glinda the Squirrel Glider visiting the Toronto Workers Club Indulge Cafe for a “little extra love” on Valentine’s Day

I was recently contacted by Glinda to arrange a visit with the Club to try our desserts at the Indulge Cafe. To my surprise Glinda had planned a loving Valentine’s Day visit. This morning she was “in love” with our Rocky Road Slice swirled with Strawberry Syrup and some extra “love” hearts on the side.

Glinda’s Dessert Trail Adventure promotes tourism in the West Lake Macquarie area. While travelling she has one job; to assist the LT Creek Sustainable Neighbourhood Group advocate for the formalisation of the Awaba Conservation Area by developing Scribbly Gum Reserve to conserve the bush land and it’s biodiversity. This includes environmental education, research and a tourist facility at the Scribbly Gum Reserve, promoting a rail train from Awaba train station to Myuna Sport & Rec Centre and a link to the historic Wangi Power Station.

Glinda is a clever little glider and the Club was pleased to be part of such a unique visit. It’s not very often we allow furry little creatures through our door, but when we do, they’re cute and come with a high priority agenda.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glinda the Squirrel Glider, you can catch her on Flickr with her adventure albums, on her Twitter account or by staying in touch with The Scribbly Gum Reserve Group. Alternatively you contact Glinda and send an email to: .

We’re glad to have met Glinda and we look forward to another one of her visit’s shortly. Perhaps with some news of her adventures and progress.

Happy travels, Glinda. We wish you all the best and support your journey.

The Team from Toronto Workers Club Group.

$2,000 to the Leukaemia Foundation

Each year the Club provides support through the Club Grants scheme to charities, support groups, sporting clubs and more.

This financial year The Leukaemia Foundation was one of our Category 1 recipients. Received $2,000 towards their Economic Hardship Program.

This program assists the foundation to care continually care for patients and families who are living with Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma and other blood related disorders.

Donations to the Leukaemia Foundation also assist to fund cutting edge research into finding a cure.

Supporting the Community is a Core Value of the Toronto Workers Club Group and we strive to assist those in need where possible.

Stay tuned for more Club Grants articles to follow.


Gifts of Giving … Delivered

Earlier this year we erected our Annual Giving Tree and the local community sure delivered. With the help of the staff and members of Anytime Fitness Toronto and the directors, management, staff, members and patrons of Toronto Workers Club Group we successfully filled an entire car with gifts for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital (you can read about our “Gift of Giving” here).20161221_091859

Mark Singleton with Keira from John Hunter Children’s Hospital and TDWC Staff Members Jenna Dalley & Taylor Barrett

On Wednesday 21 December, Keira from the John Hunter Children’s Hospital met with Toronto Workers Club Group CEO, Mark Singleton who happily handed over an abundance of gifts.

Each year the gifts accumulated under the Toronto District Workers Club Group Giving Tree are delivered to children who will spend Christmas in their hospital bed.

“We are pleased to be able to put a smile on the children’s faces during this hard time. Toronto Workers Club and Toronto Country Club will endeavour to show support for the local community and those who are in need”, Mark Singleton commented.

We would like to thank every single person who gifted presents, including gift vouchers and cash donations on the promise of making a child’s Christmas Day a little more special and enjoyable.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto District Workers Club Group

Santa says Thanks!

Each year the Club dedicates months of preparation and ounces of volunteer dedication to deliver the Members’ Kids Christmas Party.

img_1879The volunteers are comprised of Directors, Management and Staff from Toronto Workers Club Group, the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League Club and the fantastic Firemen from Toronto Fire Station. Each volunteer donates their time to ensure each child and adult has the most memorable and enjoyable experience. This dedication comes with happiness, enthusiasm and patience, even if they’ve worked the night before or will work that evening.

It takes approximately six months to effectively plan the party including the ordering of an obscene number of sausages (thanks Toronto Quality Meats) and onions (yes one of the Club’s Chef’s actually cut up 50kg of onion by hand), picking and packaging fun rides, obstacle img_2030courses and water attractions. But it doesn’t stop there…don’t forget the hand packed lolly bags.

Skip forward a few months and the volunteers, led by the Marketing Manager, Christine Wenta and Duty Manager, Michelle King, are excited for another overwhelming day! Volunteers meet with coffee and gazebos in hand from 7am to set up the entire event. Remember, most of these staff worked the night before, and not all are locals.

img_2001The day’s filled with four non-stop hours of fun in the sun, sausage sangas (with the right amount of sauce and onion), icy cold drinks, snow cones, Santa photos and much much more.

We are happy to report that the day was enjoyed by many and there was no hesitation in spreading the fantastic news…

“Was a great day for it and great value for money…the kids loved it thank you!”, Anthony Cause

“Thank you, it was a great day. The kids had a ball “, Debbie Dye

“Thank you for the hard work my family had a fabulous day out “, Kylie Montgomery

“Awesome day as always”, Nicole Carrall and,

“Thank you my grandson had a great day”, Alison Clapham Roberts. 

Although the weather was questionable upon setup, the day turned out to be one of the biggest, most enjoyable and fun filled in a long time.

img_2017So, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Club Managers, I would like to personally thank the Toronto Workers Club Group team volunteers, team leaders Christine and Michelle and the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League volunteers. The Members’ Kids Christmas Party would not go ahead without this dedication, enthusiasm and of course, a lot of coffee!

Your photo with Santa can be found on the Club Website and Facebook page. Feel free to download them, share them and print them.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus
(on behalf of the Toronto Workers Club Group)

The Gift of Giving

John Hunter Children’s Hospital (also known at HNE Kids Health) is a specialised tertiary paediatric hospital that provides complex medical, surgical, major trauma and neonatal care services. Over the course of a year, JHCH will see 20,000 children and young people present to the emergency department with 9,000 of those being admitted to hospital and perform 30,000 occasions of service through outpatient clinics.

img_2754Each year Toronto Workers Club Group presents “The Gift of Giving” to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital with our Annual Giving Tree. The tree is erected November and decorated with gift tags. Each tag is dedicated to a boy or girl of an age category.

Members and Guests are welcome to collect a tag, or as many tags as they like and purchase a gift for a child or young person that may be spending Christmas in hospital. With over 9,000 yearly admissions, creating smiles and joy at Christmas for young people is definitely at the top of our to-do list.

Cash donations are also welcome if you prefer. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible and JHCH will provide receipts.

jhch-giving-treeWe’re hoping to put a smile of love and joy on every child’s face this year, that will be in hospital during Santa’s visit. If you’d like to participate please head to the Workers Club and collect a tag from the tree. Gifts have already started to accumulate and we look forward to seeing many more.

If you’d like to know more about the John Hunter Children’s Hospital and the work they do for all young people, check out their website which outlines their services, wards, fun, clinics and a map.

The Toronto Workers Club Group will always support the community and will continue to do so, especially when we can make someone smile, even if it is just for a short time.

Merry “Gift of Giving” Christmas

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group