$20,000; Easy Peasy!

$20K Super Saturday

For a while there was some chatter about how hard $20,000 was to win. Then, the $20,000 dry spell stopped and in two week’s we gave away a combined total of $40,000!

Judy Muir 22 04 2017 (3)

Judy Muir with CFO, Ben Launt collecting her $20,000.

Both winners, Judy Muir and Marcello Salvini were on the Club premises when their membership number was drawn. Then all they had to do was show their membership card and $20,000 in cold hard cash was all theirs!


What would you do with $20K if you won it?

There’s still plenty of chances for you to claim $20,000 before the promotion ends.

Drawn every Saturday night between 6pm and 7pm, then another drawn between 7pm and 8pm, your number could be lucky enough to be called. Even if it’s not, you could pick up a swift $500 cash, just by being the closest membership number on the premises to that drawn.


Either way, you could claim some cash thanks to the Toronto Workers Club Group.

With every draw there are some conditions. Including, being on the premises (within the Club) at the time your membership number is drawn to be eligible to claim the money; otherwise if you enter the Club after the announcement, you will forfeit your prize money. Let’s be honest, no one wants that.

You also need to be a full financial members of the Toronto Workers Club Group. Any full membership can win including 1 year, 5 year, perpetual, golfer or pensioner. As long as you’re over 18 years of age and have a valid membership card (and in some circumstances appropriate identification), if you’re drawn out, we’ll give you $20,000.

Other full terms and conditions apply and can be obtained from the Club.

So, good luck to over 12,000 members of the Toronto Workers Club Group, this Saturday and every Saturday until the last draw June 24, 2017. Want further information, you can always email us.

$20K…it’s worth being present!

Toronto Workers Club Group

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All About Mum

Mothers Day

Although we should celebrate our Mum, Nan, Aunty & Sister every day, once a year they’re made to feel just that little more special. That day is this Sunday, 14 May 2017.

Mother’s Day was such a big day at the Club last year, we’ve matched the demand. This year we’re offering Breakfast from 8am, two sittings for Lunch from 11.30am and 1pm then Dinner from 5.30pm.

Mothers DayOur famous Mother’s Day Breakfast will impress you again this year. Including Fresh Ricotta Pancakes with Berry Compote and Vanilla Cream, Chef’s Workies Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict and some Kids options. We’ve catered for all taste buds, breakfast appetites and ages. Breakfast will be served in Indulge at the Workies from 8am until 10.30am.

Lunch and Dinner this year will be celebrated with a Fresh Seafood Platter for Two with a delicious assortment of hot and cold seafood and condiments. There’s also a Pulled Beef Ragout Spaghetti, Cured Salmon Salad and Spanish Eggs.

Mothers Day 2017_3Lunch is always big and this year and you can choose to enjoy lunch from 11.30am until 12.45pm or from 1pm until 2.30pm. Dinner will be served from 5.30pm.

As always, bookings are essential and should be made with Club Reception by phoning (02) 4959 2011. We’d hate for you to miss out without a booking. Be sure to get in early.

Not only though are we offering a delicious menu for Mum, she can be entertained by the very talented Roxy live on our Piano in the Amethyst Lounge from 12pm. This is perfect if you’re coming in for lunch. Then hang around and take part in our Mother’s Day Raffle with special gifts for mum.

Mothers Day 2017_1Need a gift? We can help with that too. Toronto Workers Club Group has Gift Cards which can be purchased in any denomination. Mum can shout herself dinner and drinks, tickets to a show and more. Otherwise, if she’s an avid Golfer, be sure to speak to our Golf Pro’s at Toronto Country Club regarding some perfect gifts. Not sure? They also do gift vouchers. You can contact them direct on (02) 4959 5063.

Well, we hope you mum has an amazing day, wherever she spends it. Although, we look forward to seeing you with your Mum and family in the Club on Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Toronto Workers Club Group


Footy | Pizza | Beer


The trial games have started, the teams are warming up and we’re chilling the beer. NRL Season is here with the opening game between the Sharks and Broncos. In conjunction with the launch of the season, Foxtel delivered some exciting news with their brand new 24/7 Footy dedicated channel. Which means, every game LIVE will be shown on our Dual 80″ screens in the main lounge.

footy-pizza-beer-2017This year, we’re giving you something a little different to enjoy the footy with. A combination of Footy, Pizza & Beer. You literally don’t have to leave the main lounge to order any of those items, so you’ll never miss a try.

Jugs of Beer and fresh Pizzas will be available for order from the main bar from 4pm until 8pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the NRL Season. If a jug of beer isn’t your thing, both of our Happy Hours (including our new Saturday one), will fall within our Footy Pizza Beer time. So if it’s schooners you prefer, you can get them even cheaper (conditions do apply though).

We’ve uploaded everything you need to know about our Footy, Pizza, Beer campaign on our website and we encourage you to check it out and share it with your mates. It’s a suggestion for members to register their mobile phone number and the acceptance of SMS messages with Reception to receive random Footy Pizza Beer promotions. If you’re not a member, it’s probably a good time to join to reap fantastic benefits (even for our $20K a week draws…that’s a different story). footy-tipping-marketing

If you want to check out the draw, click here. It’s all too easy. And while you’re at it, register for our Footy Tipping competition (registrations close Wednesday 1 March 2017). It’s an easy way to compete with your mates and be in the running to win a pool of cash.

Until kick-off, we wish you and your teams Luck during the entire season.

See you soon,
Toronto Workers Club Group Club Management

Who’s Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day…that day where everything turns red and pink, is dominated by love hearts and all that mushy goodness. There’s always different opinions on V-Day…single people hate it, some couples over indulge and then there’s every one else who’s indifferent.

v-day-be-mineThis year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Middle of the week. Not even close enough to the weekend to hold off. Usually the day or two before pay day. So the gifts, if you’re buying, need to be advanced planned, delayed until after pay day or on the cheap so you’re not feeding your date 2-minute noodles.

Although Clubs don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, we decided to make it easier for everyone, if they wish to participate. Our Valentine’s Celebrations started on February 1 and will end on Tuesday 14.

Our deliciously fresh made cocktails will carry you through for two full weeks of celebrations. So bring in as many dates as you like, the v-day cocktails will be available until close of trade on Valentine’s Day.

v-dayHowever, the food is what most of you are after. And with a little advanced planning you can have several V-Day celebrations. Our three course menu specially designed by our Head Chef is available from Friday February 10 until Tuesday February 14 for dinner.

Enjoy Greek Style Lamb Cutlets for your entree, Crispy Skin Pork Belly for your main and a Choc Hazelnut Tart to finish with. If you can’t eat three, that’s OK. Mix and match your courses as you please. If you choose to eat dessert first followed by your entree, then do it. The dinner celebration plan is completely up to you. And our friendly beverage staff will help you match a wine, beer (or soft drink) to your meal. We do recommend you book though, make sure you phone 49592011 to make your reservation (let us know it’s a Valentine’s surprise).

If you’re coming to dine on Tuesday 14, be sure to request the Amethyst Dining area. Roxy will serenade you and your date on our very own piano from 5.30pm. We’ve planned you the perfect atmosphere to meet your budget.

We’ve taken all the thinking out of it for you, all you need to do is find your Valentine’s date…or a variety of dates if that’s what makes you happy.

We want each of our Valentine’s Dates to feel special, loved and experience happiness while in the Club. That’s what we strive on. So…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group

Members Rewards – “The Best”

the-best-jpgSo you join a Club for “x” amount of dollars and they say you get “y” and “z” membership benefits. Well, most Clubs, in fact all Clubs are exactly the same in their membership marketing. So we’ve taken a different road. This is what we’re offering and why we’re “The Best”, if your interested in becoming a member…

  1. crystal-rewards-crystals-vipCrystal Rewards, is our membership loyalty program. It contains five Crystal levels of rewards with VIP Status at the pinnacle of the program. As you climb through our Crystal Reward tiers, your benefits and rewards increase and improve.
  2. Birthday Rewards are always celebrated. At each point in our Crystal Rewards program you will receive redeemable points as a “Happy Birthday” from us. There’s $200 worth of Birthday reward points to spend once you’re a VIP Status member. Even if you visit us on the day of your birthday , you’ll also receive a complimentary drink simply by swiping your card. So what better way then to have “The Best” birthday thanks to Crystal Rewards.
  3. Visitation is rewarded. Each time you visit the Club and swipe your card you will receive visitation points. Compared to some Clubs, our visitation points are up to and in some cases, ten times that of other registered Clubs. Let’s say you’re an Emerald level member and you enter the Club and swipe your card. Just by doing that, we’re going to reward you with 50 points (50 cents); yes, this is up for grabs, each and every day!
  4. img_1369Bpay Service is available for redemption of Bonus Points. Each time you make a spend within the Club and have your membership card swiped you earn Bonus Points (1 point per every $1 spent at a point of sale). To assist in redeeming and spending those points, we now provide a service that you can pay your entire Utility (or some of your Utility Bill). All you have to do is present your bill to reception (conditions do apply) and ask that we use your points to pay it. It’s that simple.
  5. Loyalty Bonuses are issued as you climb through our Crystal Reward tiers. As mentioned above, each time you spend $1 at a point of sale, you will receive 1 bonus point. Once the multiplier comes in to play you could be earning up to 1.75 bonus points per $1 spent at a point of sale. You can also earn bonus points through gaming turnover, further information on that can be obtained directly from the Club.
  6. Annual Gifts. Once you reach our peak VIP Status or our second top level Amethyst, once a year you will receive an Annual Gift. It varies from year to year and is our way of saying thank you to our loyal members.

bodybg.jpgI could sit here all day and tell you why our Crystal Rewards Membership Loyalty program is “The Best”, but it’s best for you to join and find out for yourself. We can equip you with all the information you need to know about how to get the most out of your membership with Toronto Workers Club Group. Including the use of Tennis Courts, Members Appreciation Days where each member gets free $10 to spend, specific Membership promotions and raffles, the ability to host a private function at our very private Golf Club and the list goes on.
Our friendly receptionists are available during trading hours of the Club to assist you and your membership questions in any way possible. So why not take the leap and join us and “The Best” Membership Loyalty Program. Please follow the links to our Crystal Rewards loyalty program and Membership details for further information.


We look forward to seeing you in the Club soon.

Christine Wenta
Marketing Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group

Santa says Thanks!

Each year the Club dedicates months of preparation and ounces of volunteer dedication to deliver the Members’ Kids Christmas Party.

img_1879The volunteers are comprised of Directors, Management and Staff from Toronto Workers Club Group, the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League Club and the fantastic Firemen from Toronto Fire Station. Each volunteer donates their time to ensure each child and adult has the most memorable and enjoyable experience. This dedication comes with happiness, enthusiasm and patience, even if they’ve worked the night before or will work that evening.

It takes approximately six months to effectively plan the party including the ordering of an obscene number of sausages (thanks Toronto Quality Meats) and onions (yes one of the Club’s Chef’s actually cut up 50kg of onion by hand), picking and packaging fun rides, obstacle img_2030courses and water attractions. But it doesn’t stop there…don’t forget the hand packed lolly bags.

Skip forward a few months and the volunteers, led by the Marketing Manager, Christine Wenta and Duty Manager, Michelle King, are excited for another overwhelming day! Volunteers meet with coffee and gazebos in hand from 7am to set up the entire event. Remember, most of these staff worked the night before, and not all are locals.

img_2001The day’s filled with four non-stop hours of fun in the sun, sausage sangas (with the right amount of sauce and onion), icy cold drinks, snow cones, Santa photos and much much more.

We are happy to report that the day was enjoyed by many and there was no hesitation in spreading the fantastic news…

“Was a great day for it and great value for money…the kids loved it thank you!”, Anthony Cause

“Thank you, it was a great day. The kids had a ball “, Debbie Dye

“Thank you for the hard work my family had a fabulous day out “, Kylie Montgomery

“Awesome day as always”, Nicole Carrall and,

“Thank you my grandson had a great day”, Alison Clapham Roberts. 

Although the weather was questionable upon setup, the day turned out to be one of the biggest, most enjoyable and fun filled in a long time.

img_2017So, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Club Managers, I would like to personally thank the Toronto Workers Club Group team volunteers, team leaders Christine and Michelle and the Macquarie Scorpions Rugby League volunteers. The Members’ Kids Christmas Party would not go ahead without this dedication, enthusiasm and of course, a lot of coffee!

Your photo with Santa can be found on the Club Website and Facebook page. Feel free to download them, share them and print them.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus
(on behalf of the Toronto Workers Club Group)

Rock Rebellion

Rock Rebellion comes to Toronto Workers Club on Saturday 19 November 2016.

rock-rebellion_2016_instaAs part of the “Workies Team” themed events, Rock Rebellion is proudly brought to you by the ideas and concepts of our staff. This one, a little different from many others will feature two bands, a display of custom bikes and cars (you can contact us if you’re interested to display yours), introductory launch of Sailor Jerry into our Bars, themed food and much more!

We’ve opened up the invitation for owners of custom bikes and cars to display their prides of joy as part of the Rock Rebellion event. With custom vintage bikes on display inside the club and pretty classic cars in the car park, we’re looking forward to making this an annual event.rock-rebellion_2016_social3

Robbie & the Rattlesnakes will play from 4.30pm with all time favourites Bad Lucky Kitty taking the stage from 8.30pm. With our dance floor up for grabs, we’re opening it up to all professional, fun and social dancers for the taking! Show us your skills, teach someone new, why not create a dance off?!?

Sailor Jerry
is taking the Rockabilly scene by storm and we’re jumping on the crusade by introducing his Spiced Rum into our collection. The team has created “Rock-Tails” and Sailor Jerry mixes which will be available all day in the bar. See our specially selected “Rock-Tails” menu for our selection.

Trock-rebellion_2016_social2his time, we haven’t forgotten the little ones. Not only can they take part in the free live music in the front lounge, they can also join in their “Grease” themed kids disco in the Kids Area from 6pm. The Kids Disco is free and since it is located in the kids area, we suggest making a reservation for dinner in Indulge Restaurant, as the kids can eat for free*.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, we suggest coming to Rock Rebellion, the first Rockabilly event this side of the lake.

Oh, why Rock Rebellion? As it’s something the staff have created, we’re letting them “rebel”. Out of uniform (Rockabilly style of course) with their tattoos on show! So come in, show your support of their event, join in the fun and why not have a dance?rock-rebellion_2016_social1

We look forward to seeing you all here!

Christine Wenta
Entertainment Manager
Toronto Workers Club Group