Chefs Compete Again!

Executive Chef Dean Jackson (Left) with Chef Dallas Bochenek (Right)

Today, Executive Chef Dean and his sidekick Chef Dallas are back in Sydney at Ryde Tafe competing on behalf of the Club in the ClubsNSW Chef’s Table challenge. Hoping to take out this year’s title the boys must create a three-course meal using only the ingredients from the mystery box provided by the judges.

This year’s judges include Julio Azzarello, Courtney Roulston, Adam Moore, Nenad Djuric and Roshan Thammitaarachchi who will taste the dishes, view the presentation and mark according to the use of the ingredients, the executed skills and the overall completion of the dish.

Last year Dean competed with his Sous Chef Cameron but came out unsuccessful.  The competition was created to reward and recognise the skill levels of chefs, cooks and apprentices that work in and operate kitchens within NSW clubs.

The title of ClubsNSW Chef’s Table winner is keenly contested every year which gives those involved the ability to showcase their culinary talents, promote their home club as a true dining destination while also assisting in developing and challenging the skills and knowledge of their kitchen teams.

We wish Dean and Dallas luck in their ideas and executing something all judges will love, admire and score them well on. Will the title of ClubsNSW Chef’s Table 2019 Winner be Dean and Dallas of Toronto Workers Club? Stay tuned. Winners will be announced at an official awards dinner on Monday 5 August 2019.

Toronto Workers Club




Our Biggest Morning Tea

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Did you know that 1 in 2 Australians are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85? That’s a scary fact that cannot be changed so we’re offering our support for research by hosting our own Biggest Morning Tea.

Initiated by the Cancer Council, Toronto Workers Club staff have hosted a morning tea each year by donating baked goods, their time and money to raise funds for the cancer council. This year we’re doing it a little differently.

With the love for our house-made treats at Indulge Cafe, Club Pastry Chef Eliza will be baking biscuits and cupcakes to sell at this year’s morning tea. Members, guests, staff and anyone who wishes to participate, will be able to purchase some of Eliza’s best product on Friday 24 May 2019 between 10am and 12.30pm.

As an additional fundraising effort, Indulge Cafe will be donating 50 cents from selected house-made items during the entire month of May.

If you’re coming in for a coffee date, catch up with friends or family or a piece of cake, be sure to head in during May, or specifically on Friday 24 May. We’d love to see you all to show your support for Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us in advance by sending us an email.

Toronto Workers Club
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7 Years of Gift Giving

20181220_092956For the past 7 Christmas’, Toronto Workers Club, with the support of its board, management, staff, members, guests and Anytime Fitness Toronto, have placed toys, games and leisure activities under our Giving Tree.

Initiated in 2012 by the Toronto Workers Club office administration staff, this spirit and gift of giving continues to put smiles on children’s faces during the Christmas period.

Each year since the giving tree has been placed prominently in the Club with all donations and gifts being given directly to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

The John Hunter Children’s Hospital is a specialised tertiary referral pediatric hospital providing complex medical, surgical, major trauma and neonatal care services for northern NSW. The Children’s Hospital in Newcastle is one of three hospitals in NSW and over the course of a 12 month period will see almost 25,000 children and young people with 9,000 admitted to hospital and over 100,000 occasions of service through outpatient clinics.


This means some of these children and young people will spend Christmas in their beds or hospital wards with their families by their side. The Toronto Workers Club Giving Tree assists in giving children gifts on Christmas Day to make their day a little brighter and enjoyable.

This year we deliver a carload of Christmas bags filled with assorted toys, games and leisure activities to John Hunter Children’s hospital. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to shop and donate to our giving tree. We can assure smiles, happiness, laughter, and enjoyment will stem from the receipt of those gifts.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!

The Team at Toronto Workers Club 



Chef’s Pop-Up on the Up & Up


For a while Toronto Country Club‘s kitchen and dining room was quiet, dark and gloomy with only a glimpse of presence by the lady golfers once or twice a week. 20180324_182033

Cue, Dean Jackson. The same Executive Chef who was recently announced as a competitor in the ClubsNSW Chef’s Table 2018 competition. The same Executive Chef who delivers superb Seafood  at Indulge Dining and a successful burger destination, James Street Burgers all within the Toronto Workers Club premises. Dean has now turned Toronto Country Club into monthly pop-up restaurant destination with it’s own wait list.

20180421_182102With the assistance of Kaycee Conboy, Food, Beverage and Events Manager, and Peter Hansen, Golf Club Manager, the kitchen and dining room was ‘dusted off’ and given an inviting atmosphere.

Fine dining was launched in February this year with your choice of a two or three course dinner. Including Pan Seared Scallops for entree, Sirloin Steak with Truffle Mash for main and our house made Dark Chocolate Tart with Candied Hazlenuts for dessert.

The first pop-up dining service gave Dean the fresh ingredients he needed to provide ongoing monthly restaurants. Since then menus have included some of Dean’s finer dishes including his Beetroot & Vodka Cured Salmon, Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil and the introduction of the Club’s very first Degustation evening.

To date, each restaurant evening has served full capacity with ongoing wait lists of diners eagerly awaiting someone else’s last minute cancellations.

Are you hungry yet? Toronto Country Club’s Pop-Up Restaurants are announced via the Club Website and Facebook Events. Here you can locate dates, menus and details to make your reservation.

If you’ve got any special dietary requirements or suffer from allergies, please contact Kaycee Conboy by phoning (02) 49592011. All other restaurant bookings can be made in person at the Country Club Main Bar or by phoning Peter Hansen on (02) 49591584.

We look forward to feeding your appetites.

The Pop-Up Team from Toronto Country Club.


Active Kids: Golf

Active KidsIn January this year, the NSW Government announced its brand new Active Kids Program and Rebate. From January 31, parents guardians and carers of school children can apply for a $100 voucher to use for costs associated with sports and fitness. In conjunction with the NSW Government, Toronto Country Club is a proud Active Kids Provider.

What Does This Mean? From 1 April 2018, Sub-Junior Golf Memberships of Toronto Country Club (under 18 years of age) are accepted under the Active Kids Program.

How Do I Claim My Rebate? All you have to do is Follow This Link, search under Golf in Toronto 2283 and complete the online application. This will provide you with your voucher details. Once you’ve received those details, bring them into Club Reception and join your young one up for a Sub-Junior Golf Membership ($100).

What is a Sub-Junior Golf Membership? Our Sub-Junior Golf Membership is the allocated category that applies to any one aged under 18 years (male or female) who wishes to learn, develop and participate in golf as a sport. This will allocate Toronto Country Club as their home club for golf.

What’s Included in a Sub-Junior Golf Membership? Your keen golfer will receive a Golf Link number (this is the Australian national computerised handicapping service which records the golfers handicaps for competition), membership discount on all green, social golf and competition fees and the ability to play in all club Golf Competitions, Events, Annual Pro-Am and Tournaments.

Our Sub-Junior Golf Membership gives your young keen golfer access to PGA Golf Professionals (Nathan Green & Darren Green are our resident pros), access to a professional Pro-Shop, Golf Technology Centre, Clinics, Lessons, Advanced Junior Golfers and much more.

How Do I Apply? After you’ve received your Active Kids Program Voucher, bring your child to either Toronto Country Club to see Peter Hansen, or Toronto Workers Club to see Club Reception. We will join you up on the spot. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Golf forms a large part of our Club and we’d love to meet your keen golfer and assist them in progressing to the next level or learn to enjoy and respect the game of golf itself. Other Golf Membership categories are also open if you’d like to play, participate or learn.

For further membership conditions or more information on Golf at Toronto Country Club, please Visit our Website or email Peter Hansen ( . We’d love to have you and your little golfers as part of our team.

Happy Golfing!

Toronto Workers Club – Toronto Country Club
Active Kids Program Provider



2017 Team of Excellence

At a recent Toronto Workers Club team meeting, CEO Mark Singleton announced 2017’s year of excellence. Focusing not only on the company’s success, but on the service and dedication delivered by the team.

In 2016, we adopted a Rewards & Recognition program that would see team members earn points throughout 2017 based on the Club’s core values – customer, leadership, integrity, community, change and spirit. Each time a team member shows initiative or goes above and beyond, points would be rewarded by Duty Managers and the Leadership team. Coming to the end of the year the top ranked team members could apply for “2017 Employee of the Year”. This would earn them a 5 night Gold Coast holiday including flights and accommodation.

Mark announced our 2017 Employee of the Year, Elyse Millen. Elyse finished top of the Rewards & Recognition leader board with a massive 1250 points. Mark recognised Elyse’s ability to consistently uphold the company’s values while participating in Club themed dress up days, volunteering at our Annual Kids Christmas Party and completing all her compulsory training on time.


Mark Singleton & Elyse Millen

The CEO’s Staff Excellence Award was rewarded to Bruce Stephens. “Bruce always comes in the Club leaving hardships of life behind him and presents himself to everybody at any given time, making him an outstanding staff person”, Mark described as thoroughly deserving.

A special mention was then given to Blake Collins for his consistent smile, happy outlook and dedication to his role within the company. Mark described how Blake made his boxing day a pleasure with his positive attitude.

The final award, CEO’s Management Award was rewarded to Jasmin Godwin for her ongoing contribution and dedication to the company earning her a career advancement as a Manager of the Club.

Collectively the Toronto Workers Club Group team is strong, motivated and dedicated to not only their workplace, but to each other.

This Year’s Gift of Giving


Staff & Volunteers of the John Hunter Children’s Hospital with Jenna Dalley of Toronto Workers Club

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and Club renovations, our Gift of Giving Christmas Tree was again the main feature of Club Reception. Today, several large Christmas gift bags full of goodies were delivered to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.


Each bag contained an assortment of toys, headphones, books, teddy bears and toiletries. Each and every single item was donated by Club Members, Visitors, Staff, Management and Directors.

Jenna Dalley, Clerical Specialist and Christine Wenta, Marketing Manager filled the car, acting on Santa’s behalf to personally deliver the gifts.

A feeling of warmth and love met Jenna and Christine at the entrance to the hospital. Four trolleys, one staff member and three volunteers later, the gifts were inside the Children’s Hospital.

IMG_4979“Just this year, 50,000 children have been admitted into the John Hunter Children’s hospital for a variety of reasons”, explained Kiera Wray, Fundraising Officer (Children, Young People and Families Health Services). “We never have too many gifts to give away. We always like to give gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, to help children smile during recovery or even be able to give the parents some toiletries when unexpected accidents happen. Every donation, toy, toiletry, book, or set of headphones assists in improving a child’s recovery or parents time during a stay”.


While the feeling of warmth and love was present, there was definitely a feeling of comfort knowing the Club and those that participated with the gift of giving, had been able to assist in providing some relief, smiles and happiness. Not just over Christmas, but throughout the year when times can also be tough.


We want to thank every one who took the time to shop, wrap and donate to our “Gift of Giving”. Your ongoing involvement in the Club’s Community Support program will be cherished by those you don’t know and who don’t know you. And that is the absolute meaning of “The Gift of Giving”.

Merry Christmas to you all,
Toronto District Workers Club